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vitamin E oil can protect and promote healthy hair. So say bye bye to the hair problems!
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castor oil for hair growth
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Did you know that shea butter is a great ally in preventing and reducing stretch marks? Stretch marks are scar-like streaks that appear on the skin. And shea butter, rich in Vitamin A and other active ingredients, provides elasticity to the skin.
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Washing your hair is a relaxing act. It may seem trivial to some. And yet you would be surprised to know that the majority of people do not wash their hair properly, leaving it weakened. After all, washing your hair isn't just about cleaning the 'hair'. To do it properly, you have to focus on 2 things; scalp and hair. And treat them gently.
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The oil bath, made on a regular or single basis has several benefits. Some people, because of the nature of their hair or scalp, sometimes wonder if they can do oil baths. Well, you'll be happy to know that oil baths benefit all hair types. You just have to adapt the technique.
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