There was a time when taking care of my hair was difficult. I had neither the right techniques nor the right tools to help me with the task. I was testing different products without really knowing what was in them or what their properties were. Washing them was becoming a real pain and I was going into the cycle of cutting them every 2 years, not knowing how to maintain them properly once they became too long.

Then I had a daughter. A beautiful little girl whose hair I had to take care of. That's when I started selecting natural and healthy products to maintain our hair and perfecting techniques to keep it healthy. This is how the spirit of MINCA BEAUTY and our motto Think About You was born.

Our motto, Think About You, translates everything that MINCA BEAUTY stands for. We think about you by selecting healthy, premium quality products. We think about you when formulating our products, in order to have a maximum of efficiency. We think of you by providing you with tips, product information, so that your experience is simple and effective. And most importantly, you too, think of yourself, and take care of yourself.

For my daughter and I, washing and caring for our hair has become a real pleasure, an experience. How about you? Are you ready to join us?


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