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Washing your hair is a relaxing act. It may seem trivial to some. And yet you would be surprised to know that the majority of people do not wash their hair properly, leaving it weakened. After all, washing your hair isn't just about cleaning the 'hair'. To do it properly, you have to focus on 2 things; scalp and hair. And treat them gently.

Healthy hair starts at the root. Indeed the scalp is a dark and humid place, which favors the multiplication of certain microorganisms. In addition, the scalp, like the hair, is subject to aggressions such as stress, hormonal changes, diet, humidity, the change of seasons, heat, styling tools, etc. Healthy hair needs a clean, healthy scalp to grow well, so it's important to give it a few minutes while shampooing.

Some precautions

While shampooing, avoid movements and actions that could entangle the hair, cause knots or irritate the scalp. Before you begin, remove your jewelry (rings, bracelets, and watches). Make sure your nails are properly filed and clean. These are some precautions to avoid causing damage to the hair and scalp. Preferably work the hair in sections, especially if you have long hair, or if it gets tangled easily (curly, kinky hair).

Cleanse the scalp

To do a good cleansing of the hair, a dab of shampoo is usually sufficient. Wet the hair with plenty of lukewarm water. Distribute the shampoo over the scalp and start by paying your attention to it. To do this, pull the hair lightly with one hand so that it has easy access to the scalp, and with the other hand, start cleaning. Cleanse by rubbing fingertips, not fingernails, onto the scalp.

Pamper the scalp

Also take the opportunity to massage the scalp. This will activate the microcirculation, which promotes hair growth. In addition, it is a moment of pure relaxation. Press the fingertips on the skull and make circular movements, without lifting the fingers. You can also use a suitable brush or other accessories to clean the scalp and massage.

At Minca Beauty, we offer the Scalp Stimulating Brush which is a significant asset for cleaning the scalp, massaging and shampooing in general. It is an ergonomic brush with soft silicone tips, suitable for the whole family. It will be a moment of rest and relaxation guaranteed.

And finally the hair

Once the scalp is cleansed, move on to the hair. To do this, it is unnecessary to add shampoo. As mentioned earlier, a dab of shampoo is more than enough for a good cleansing of the hair and scalp. Spread the foam of the shampoo already present, from the roots to the ends. Avoid moving back and forth as this may damage the cuticles (outer layer of the hair) and cause the hair to become tangled. Make the movements in one direction, from the roots to the ends. Once the foam is well spread, rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

There you go, your shampoo is done. Then continue with your usual care (conditioner, mask, oil bath, etc.). See you soon for more tips.

Shampooing properly will keep hair and scalp healthy. For a guaranteed moment of rest and relaxation.

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